Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Day!

What a lovely, wild, Christmas Day! Neil began our day at 6 a.m..

Here's a little slideshow until I get a moment to write.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Mood

Not much to this, but it was just too funny to not mention that when Henry got up this morning he came into the kitchen announcing that he was in a BIG mood. Whatever that means. Geez these guys are so funny sometimes.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Giving Thanks

It's not that nothing has been happening around here since Halloween, just a lack of some quiet moments to try to record at least some of it. Seems like everyone was sick with a little something the whole month of November--not enough to really to really bring us to a halt--just a couple of rounds of antibiotics, some cough meds, and a various assortment of cold remedies. For now though, thankfully, all are well. And, another BIG thing--Neil is officially off the oxygen as of our November 20th appointment with Dr. Colvin.

I had a great trip with my boys to visit Marian, Tom, and Alley in Hattiesburg. Such an easy trip from Tuscaloosa and so comforting to have a sister so close. And, so wonderful to hear Marian preach and watch these boys with their aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Nice Thanksgiving in Tunica (see above picture). Mama's presence sure was missed but I'm sure that she helped Susan and me in spirit to get the feast on the table. Richard had a nice outing to the Tunica museums (Tunica and River) with John, Jacob, Parker and Henry. Neil and I had a great outing at the John Deere store where I heard lots of "Mama look." We had a really nice visit in Oxford on the return trip with a saunter around the Square, lunch/picnic from Bottletree Bakery, and a leisurely stroll around Rowan Oak--trying our best to get these boys to cooperate for a Christmas picture.

Gearing up for Christmas now. We now have a tree in the living room and as of tonight it has lots of big fat colored lights and a box full of ornaments. I didn't want to fill it too full of ornaments too soon because I have a feeling that Henry and Neil are about to come home from Rise with a pile of them. So nice to sit down at the end of the evening and look at a Christmas tree.

Parker's guitar playing has really taken off. He has a new teacher who goes above and beyond and has taken a real interest in his playing. Tonight I requested "O Holy Night" for Christmas. I feel certain he'll come up with it beautifully. I can hardly wait.