Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween at the Arboretum

Until last night, I thought the only way for children to have a real Halloween was to trick or treat around the block. I'll have to say, I really missed seeing some of our neighbors (I've even thought of dressing everyone up again and going for visits this nice Sunday afternoon). But, Halloween at the Arboretum was just enchanting! A drive into the woods with woodsy creatures, nice lights, nothing scary, Irish music, and happy children was just lovely. Parker dressed as a hippie, Neil as a bear, Henry as a monkey--with an old beaver poncho thrown over it at the last minute due to the cool night, Mom with a little $2 witch hat from the grocery, and Dad as a Sox fan. Happy children are a wonderful thing.

P.S. Took Henry and Neil to trick or treat Miss Barbara and Mr.and Mrs. Barksdale this evening.

Now, our Halloween is complete.

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