Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of those days and other happenings

I think I may be a seasonal blogger. It certainly is not that nothing has happened around here since January the 4th. Or, maybe it's just that the experience has to be so powerful that I am driven to therapeutic writing such as our day yesterday.

The day began at 4:30am with Neil wide awake and wanting to come in the den and play with Willie. For a brief few moments I tried to entice him back to sleep in my lap in the lazy boy, but he really was ready to start his day. So, I started a pot of coffee to try to keep up. 4:45 and Henry is up as well. Trying quickly to re frame how this day had started, I told myself this was good to get such an early start since we had a to see Dr. Pettit today for the five year check up. I made the lunches, drank more coffee, got breakfast started, drank more coffee and watched Henry and Neil playing very sweetly on Willie's dog bed and all over Willie.

Today Henry and Neil and I will be heading to Dr. Pettit's for their five year check up. Henry has already asked if there will be a shot and I have let him know there will be one. So, as he is dressing this morning he says, "I am going to disguise myself as a detective and keep an eye on that nurse." He proceeds with getting dressed in what he perceives to be detective clothes--corduroy pants, a plaid shirt, a bow tie, and his brown fedora. I have said several times we need to get ready and get to Dr. Pettit's early so their won't be a long wait. Neil is saying "take Parker school." So, I'm guessing he is hoping for something besides a trip to Dr. Pettit's.

Ok, we're off. Not too many in the waiting room so I choose to sit on the sick side rather than in the "well" room" even though we are there for a "well" check. The boys have a little sniffle and a little cough and I would feel real guilty if they coughed on "well" children. The wait is loooooooonnnnnggg. Now, I'm nervous that the waiting room is filling up (with really sick children) and worrying that we really are going to leave is some sort of bug. I Purell them after every toy and would not dare read any of the children's books lying around--I am certain they have a high germ count. They need urine specimens. Oh boy, this is something new. Henry manages a tiny bit that the nurse says might be enough. Neil is rather amused with the thought of tinkling in the cup, but decides not to produce a thing.

Finally, "Neil and Henry, room 2 please." Weight, height checks, ok still doing well. Finger sticks, not doing so well. Neil cooperates somewhat. Henry does NOT cooperate somewhat. Major chase by the nurse to catch Henry's finger and squeeze a drop of blood from it. Henry leaves the examining room and runs to the waiting area. I run to look for him (not sure what I did with Neil) and he has gone into the "well" room and is under a table. Somehow, I coax him our of there and back to room 2. I get a call from Dad who says he is in the area, and asks if it would help for him to come by. YES, YES, YES I say to that. Dad and Dr. Pettit arrive about the same time and we make it though the exams and updates on what a 5 year old should be doing.

We find out there are two shots each for Henry and Neil, not the one I had thought. Oh boy. A couple of minutes later, in walk two nurses, each holding two syringes. Not a welcome site. Neil goes first and only has a tiny lip poked out. Henry is on the run--this time only in room 2. Dad decides to step out with Neil and Mom gets the challenge. Long story short, two nurses and mom and Henry is vaccinated. One of the nurses remarks that no more shots are due for the next six years and I thank God for that.

A few other happenings. Our sweet Parker turned 15 in January (and I must add very calmly received a shot at his yearly check up with Dr. Pettit). Dad turned 56 in February and took a trip to his beloved Apalachicola. Mom turned 47 in March and is feeling pretty darn good.


  1. Like finding an Easter egg when I check in here to find a new entry. I love your writing voice. Keep writing! I love you, Susan xxoo

  2. Thanks Susan. I write in my head all the time--just need to make myself type it. xox