Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whipped Cream and Other Delights

You may think I'm about to write about my love of the Herb Alpert album. No, much better.

Some things happen around here that draw me to write on this blog mostly for my sanity and a little time out.

This morning I've been going from room to room attempting to clean up the tornado debris that appears to be all over our house. At one point I walk though the living room and notice that Henry in playing nicely under the big quilt on the big red chair. I see him a little later with what looks like milk on his chin. I ask about it and he says, "it's shaving cream." I say, "you need to get a napkin and wipe it off" - dismissing the fact that he may have been in the bathroom into the shaving cream--thinking, well, I'll get to that mess later. So, about maybe 2 hours later, I notice that there is a huge can of Whipped Cream lying on the big red chair--and several dissolved blobs of it on the chair. There you have it. Henry under the quilt with a huge can of Whipped Cream. Ok, I feel better now. I'm laughing -wasn't at the beginning of this.

Other delights of the day:
  • Neil saying "go" and getting one shoe out of the shoe pocket and putting it on.
  • Henry pulling out the whole roll of dental floss--Mom slowly winding it all back in.
  • Neil saying Willie in a really cute sort of way-"Wiwi."
  • Henry putting shaving cream on his chin, getting to Mom's razor, and coming out of the bathroom saying, "I just had to get that beard off."
  • Henry and Neil taking a bath with Mary Poppins. Henry said her hair really needed washing.
  • And, a really BIG DELIGHT: Dad and Parker have been in the backyard all day remodeling the tree house! We are all SO excited!
P.S. I really do love Herb Alpert's "Whipped Cream and Other Delights."

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  1. Hilarious! I check here daily in my website rounds wishing you'd write more! Love xxoo