Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Feel Good

Ok, I have to start somewhere to catch up for not writing for a while. I think I'll start with the trip to Publix this afternoon with Henry and Neil. We always have to get one of the "car carts" so we can drive through the store. They each have a steering wheel and both rock it madly back and forth just about the entire trip. Today, Henry immediately spotted a singing bunny in the Easter display. I immediately grabbed it as trip entertainment and handed it to them. So, the music begins, the song is James Brown singing "I Feel Good." After a while, Henry places it on the little space behind them in the cart. They both make certain that it never is quiet. Oh, and the long bunny ears flap up and down. At one point we pass the lady in the fish department and she is just staring--it appears that out car cart has a radio. From my point of view, whatever it takes to get through a grocery trip smoothly, I can handle. Relatively quick shopping trip, but lots of time checking out. I think all 40,000 U of A students choose Sunday evening (at this Publix) for their weekly needs. Henry asks for a squeaky doggy toy, so of course I hand him one. Now, imagine, "squeak, squeak, squeak, " then, "I Feel Good." Lots of looks. I smile back. Happy boys. I take the bagger up on taking my groceries to the car for us.

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  1. Great story, I can just see your car cart cruising the aisles at Publix with your bunny ears radio rocking the place!