Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday and Festivals

We all went to Canterbury yesterday and Parker was an acolyte for the first time. During the beginning of this service, we start outside with St. Francis Catholic Church and the nearby University Lutheran Church. For about the past seven years I was at the Catholic Church and for about he past two to three years have missed the Episcopal Church. I made the move to come back to Canterbury about a year ago and have been looking forward to this service as a symbolic time for me to walk back with the Canterburians after this convergence of the churches. As my sister Marian said when I became Roman Catholic, "Irene, it's all a journey." It was a good side trip, but I'm glad to be home. We were sick last year and missed the Palm Sunday service, but it happened yesterday and was beautiful. Parker was a "torch bearer two" and added to the beauty for me. I was a proud Mama.

While Dad was hard at work this weekend at the Tuscaloosa Public Library, I "festivaled" with the boys. Saturday morning while Parker slept in, I took Henry and Neil to the "Rubber Duck Derby" and met our dear friends Johnnie and her sister, "Sister" and their niece Lee Miller (Henry and Neil know her from school). Fun times with moon bouncing, games, sugar (Henry got into quite a lot!) , and watching 400 rubber duckies race around the pool. Here are a few pictures which say it all. Beautiful day, lots of fun.

Then, home to hope for naps, but there were none to be had. So, off to the Druid City Arts festival in downtown Tuscaloosa with all of my boys. Lots of good music and more moon bouncing and face painting. Parker and I especially liked a song group called "Sparrow and the Ghost," from Tuscaloosa. After three hours,cotton candy, popcorn, and chasing little boys that missed their naps (not to mention their napless Mama)we headed to the house.

The next day (Palm Sunday), we once again headed out to the storytelling festival by the river (a continuation of the Druid Arts Festival). Upon arrival, we walked a around and found no hint of storytelling happening. Then, we see a sign that says it had been moved inside to a building on campus. Finally found that, but there was no way this group was going to sit quietly and listen in the small room. So, downstairs to activities for wee ones. Then, hooray, the drums arrive and set up a drum circle outside. A drum for everyone to be played as loudly as desired. Just what we needed. Here are a few festival moments.

A little Neil funny. Tonight I was walking around the house feeding Neil a banana and at some point put him down to do something. I few minutes later, I didn't see him and I began to walk around the house calling his name and saying "Neil, where are you?" After I had made a few circles, he came running down the hallway with a big smile saying, "pee pi." (pea pie, pee pie, anyway, you know what I mean--peek-a boo!).

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