Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lake Lurleen

What a fun, nutty day. The weather is gorgeous, warm and breezy, not too hot, and we decided this morning to take all three boys to Lake Lurleen for a fishing trip. We stopped along the way to get crickets - 100 for $3.00, such a deal - and worms. The proprietor spotted us right away as mere worm drowners rather than real fisher folk and was clearly amused by us.

Mom actually thought we might catch a fish, though Dad knew that once we opened the doors to the van the fish would vacate that end of the lake. We had fun dodging hooks and chasing crickets all the same, and spotted a couple of nice size fish who had hung around to see what all the commotion was about but had better sense than to actually bite anything we offered.

When we wore out on this we moved on to the beach, much to Neil's satisfaction and largely in fact at his insistence; he just was going to get in the water one way or another and the beach seemed a better option than the muddy (and probably snaky) banks around the fishing pier. Anyway, we waded around here for a while, reminding each other that though Henry has no fear of the water it wouldn't take much for him to go under.

Before long everyone was hungry and thirsty and we moved on once more to a table under the trees and enjoyed the picnic Mom had packed for us. After lunch we waded around in this (muddy and probably snaky) area, took a few pictures and packed for home in order to get the boys and Mom down for a little nap and get Parker to his tennis match.


Post script. The remaining worms (most of them) are now happily improving the soil in our garden, while the crickets were released to serenade us in the evenings (though a few, I fear, fell prey to birds in the process). A fitting end to an early summer day.

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