Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Visit to our family Friendly Dermatologist

Took all three boys to Dr. Luther Richardson's office at 4:15 today for Parker's recheck (plantars warts and adolescent acne). Thank goodness the waiting room had cleared out and our dear, dear friend Burdette came to run herd with us--I mean visit with us. Never has there been a more tolerant office. The twins were everywhere, with Henry even checking out the snacks in the kitchen area since at the last visit he was served cake and watermelon. Parker, I'm sure was thanking his lucky stars they called him back to his room within 10 minutes. Dr. Richardson was kind enough to take a glance at Henry's dry scalp and recommended Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue--which worked wonders tonight!

Came home and played a bit in the backyard, had a feeding frenzy of leftovers, took baths, read books. Had an interesting moment with Neil in which he took full advantage of having no diaper after his bath and decided to take care of business standing by the bed in the nursery. I glanced over at him (while putting on Henry's pj's) just in time to leap across the room and catch the deposit in my hand and run to the toilet with it. Whew! Seems like I vaguely remember doing that with Henry about a year ago.

We finally got around to subscribing to MLB online so that Parker could watch his beloved Sox. The first game he got to see the Rays nearly had a no hitter and ultimately shellacked the Sox 13-0. Dad wants a refund.

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