Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Sunday Night Already?!

Off to the Farmer's market Saturday morning where among other things Henry could get a new bar of soap to replace the one he's carried around for the last year but which he informed us on the way is now "broken." Greens and fresh eggs and other good stuff too. Mom shopped, Neil and Henry ran amok, Dad chased the twins, and Parker slept.

Home to a yummy breakfast where Mom cooked eggs three different ways - poached, omelet, and scrambled - then a day of yard work. Mom, Parker, and Henry had a date at Canterbury in the evening, where Henry was uncharacteristically an absolute angel, while Dad lounged in the backyard watching Neil explore.

Neil now follows Henry in walking to the car when we're going somewhere. A study in contrasts, Henry goes barreling out the door, runs down the steps and down the sidewalk, commenting on the flowers and birds and smells and neighbors and whatever on the way, while Neil, ever cautious, holds carefully to the railing and takes one step at at time until he gets to the sidewalk, at which point he does pick up considerable speed and makes his way to the van where Henry is already in and digging around for a toy, unless he's gotten distracted along the way and set off in another direction (as he did a couple of days ago when he actually made it all the way to a neighbor's house and ran in before Mom could retrieve him).

Sunday morning Mom took the wee boys to Canterbury and then for a ride while Dad and Parker worked on a popsicle stick bridge (for 12 hours or so). Mom and the boys then attempted a nap though Henry, after tossing and turning a while, put an end to that dream with the announcement that "Mom, I just can't take a nap today." Henry wore big boy underwear all day without incident; Hooray! We had an afternoon folk concert in the living room featuring Mom on guitar and Henry on vocals (though Henry did take a brief turn on the guitar), with sparkling renditions of Michael Row the Boat Ashore, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Day is Done, Oh Do You Know the Muffin Man, etc. And after having new batteries in his keyboard Neil provided backup until his improvisation proved too much for the group's more traditional guitarist.

After the concert Mom used up more of her fresh eggs on a delicious salmon quiche (recipes for some of these things forthcoming I promise).

All in all a marvelous weekend with much to give thanks for.

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