Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playdough concoctions

It started as normal playdough play with cutting, making shapes, rolling out shapes, etc..., then Henry gets a big soup pot out and puts small pieces of blue playdough in it. I leave the kitchen for a few minutes and return to see Henry pouring Ovaltine into the big pot. I retrieve the Ovaltine container and chalk what got poured in up to lost. He begins to stir with a big wooden spoon singing a little song "chocolate, chocolate" (with a Spanish accent). Something I think he may have heard on a Dora the Explorer show. I relax and begin to just watch in amusement. He is thrilled with the concoction which begins to resemble clumping cat litter - well sort of, you know what I mean. I have to put the brakes on this when he beings to taste the "chocolate" he has made.

Side note: I made granola this morning which always makes a little bit of a mess in the oven. Did you know that playdough is just great for cleaning up those messy little pieces of granola?

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