Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Ward, Johnnie and Johnnie's sister Sistah, ever faithful friends that they are, kept all three boys last night so that Irene and I could go on a date. It is rare that we have more than a few minutes to talk without interruption, and it was the most wonderful treat to sit down for a meal, actually attend to one another, then go for a quiet ride, just the two of us. Just delightful. I had been concerned about leaving the boys with them for so long, fearing the worst when we returned - all of the caregivers lying exhausted on the floor, the house in shambles, and the boys climbing the curtains and hanging from the chandelier. In fact, no one looked too bad, we didn't see any signs of destruction, and the report was that the boys (one in particular though we won't name any names) were quite well behaved. Now, if only this were the case at home. We are so grateful for the steadfast love and generosity these folks have shown us.

Mom and Neil and I had a few minutes together this morning to thank Mom for her hard work and motherly devotion. Henry woke up and gave Mom a happy Mother's Day hug, Parker helped his brothers sign Mom's card, and now we're all taking Mom to church to thank God for her (and pray for her health and strength).

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