Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Storms, Scones, Naps, and Zambia

The day began as usual with everyone scurrying around with morning activity. Dad and Parker head off at 7:30 a.m.. I make Henry a second breakfast (actually he grabs a yogurt out of the fridge) after he refuses to touch the fried egg I made for him stating, "I don't like eggs anymore." Neil has his usual morning yogurt.

I put my swim suit on, eager to get to the Aquatic Center for my morning swim, dress both babes --Henry wearing big boy underwear for the second day in row, grab my coffee, get Neil to the car, come back to get Henry who is finishing an episode of "Blue's Clues" and standing up striping from the waist down stating "this is all wet." So, change Henry quickly, get out to the car and receive phone call from Richard letting me know bad weather (tornadoes) are expected for the morning. Plan B: take Neil to school (he's 1/2 mile away in a really secure building), keep Henry home (his school is on Skyland Blvd, the tornado magnet in Tuscaloosa), skip the swim, and I end up with my suit on until noon!

My friend Dara and I decide by 10:45 that she can still come over and give me the Mary Kay pampering session. Before she arrives, Henry and I get out the "Children's Cookbook from Around the World" and decide to make blueberry scones. Fun time with flour everywhere. During my pampering session, Henry takes full advantage and eats two huge round scones. By 11:45, I decide to run get Neil so at least both of my little chicks can be under my wings for their naps and in case there are more afternoon storms. We all head to the backyard for a while since the sun is now shining. Ok, by 1:30, we are all sound asleep. I awaken at 2:00, refreshed and make a french press (to make myself even more refreshed). At 2:30, Henry comes barrelling through the house crying "I need a blueberry scone." I say, "let's have a healthy snack of apple and cheese," to which he replies, "no!" I suggest that maybe he is still a little sleepy and he says "yes" and plops back on his bed for another hour and a half!

Neil awakens happily at 3pm and we enjoy some good sofa time laughing and drinking some milk. At 4pm, Neil decided that Henry had been asleep long enough and climbed up on the bed and awakened him.

Good play time with all the boys and Dad in the backyard this evening ( have yet to see more storms). Neil and I sat on the deck practicing saying "Pa" for Parker over and over. I just loved watching his sweet little smile each time. Parker and Dad whacked baseballs and Henry ran his first bases. Parker came in and made the flag of Zambia-- the beginning of a huge project on this country. We currently have friends there in the Peace Corps, so hopefully he will really become interested and have fun with it (see our link to "Travels with Trevor").

At bedtime, Henry fell (fairly gently) out of the bed onto his bottom and ran through the house shouting "Dad, kiss my bottom!" Parker chimes in, "I'll hug your Republican elephant if you will kiss my Democratic ."

Are all families this crazy???

P.S. Neil ate a generous helping (for him) of Mom's mashed potatoes, which made her very happy and will make him very big and fat someday.

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