Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yea! It's Summer!

No one (except Dad) had to be anywhere before 8am this morning, for that matter not even by noon! Summer is here and we all slept late. Parker gave us a freshly mown lawn about 10am and everyone was either barefoot or as you can see in Henry's case, stripped down to nothing. Neil enjoyed a wagon of clean water and was not the least bit bothered by how cold it was. Water, mud, and an outside shower was a continuous cycle this morning. Just great.

I even got a little weeding done in the garden and am hopeful that if these beautiful little green tomatoes can survive Henry (maybe after biting into a green one and spitting it out, they'll be safe) and the squirrels, we'll have ripe red ones soon. Willie even seemed to be smiling about the start of Summer 2009, licking up the remains of Henry's popsicle and just hanging out and being one of the boys.

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