Friday, June 5, 2009

Neil locked in the van

Irene called me this morning 15 minutes before a "mandatory meeting" at the library to say that she had a serious problem and that I needed to come home immediately - something about locking Neil in the car and herself out of the house. I literally ran out of the library and pushed my little 18 year old truck to it's limits, running all of the lights along the way, disregarding the horns and fingers and rehearsing my response to the blue lights I expected at any time, deciding the best thing would be to keep moving and explain everything when we got home.

I slid up in front of the house where Irene was talking to Neil through the window of the van and Henry was sitting restlessly in the driveway. Fortunately it was a relatively cool day and I wasn't too worried about Neil's physical well being, but I nonetheless rushed into the house, got the spare key and ran back to the van. I opened the door to find Neil sitting there smiling serenely, as if to ask, "So what's all the fuss? What's the big deal?"

A little addendum by Mom: I buckled both babes in their carseats and ran back to lock the front door. Returning to the van I find Henry had unbuckled and was climbing all over the front seat - just barely missing my full cup of nice hot coffee. I put my purse and keys down on the seat, catch Henry, go around to the other side to put him back in his carseat and the door shuts. Somehow the doors are locked! Neil's locked in and we're locked out, as I stare at my keys on the seat. I call Richard who gets here faster than I knew possible!! Neil was very entertained by pee-pie! (how the heck do you spell that - you know what I mean - peek-a-boo).

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  1. It's the Neil phenomenon. He always seems to be cool as a cucumber when the grown ups are running around in panic. Glad this resolved so easily and that Dad was able to come to the very quick rescue. Might want to think about stashing an extra key somewhere!

    Lots of love,