Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving Lucy

Arriving home Wednesday from Tunica had all the anticipation of Christmas morning. Everyone was mostly happy the whole trip back, knowing there would be an adorable puppy awaiting us in addition to Dad. Dad was so excited about the moment that we kept everyone in the house (by the hardest) for 30 minutes until he arrived home from work at 5:05. Out the back door we ran to see this tiny dog (by far the smallest I've ever been the owner of--and not to get much bigger). A running and chasing frenzy took place and soon they were all settled in the grass for a few moments to record the event. She is just adorable, I'll have to say. I was just a tad concerned about adding to the chaos, but so far, it looks pretty good. She is sleeping soundly as I write, in the crate beside Dad's bed and so far sleeps through the entire night.

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