Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dad and JP catch the train to D.C.

I dropped Richard and Parker off at the Tuscaloosa train station today at noon. After many rounds of hugs and kisses we finally left them there to wait on the train which was running a bit behind. They should arrive in D.C. tomorrow morning. I've talked with them several times today as they rumble down the tracks and they are loving it. They were served shrimp and grits and BBQ for their noon meal and were awaiting there turn to go for dinner. Parker was on the top bunk of their 6'x3' sleeper, listening to his ipod. And Dad I'm sure is excited about showing Parker a city he knows well.

Henry, Neil, Lucy, and I stayed in the backyard today for about 3 hours playing and staking tomatoes--which by the way are looking very hopeful.

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