Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Henry, Neil, Willie, Lucy and I have had a full week. (I don't mention Kipoo the cat because she has made herself scarce since Lucy arrived). From talking to Richard, it sounds like they have done just about everything it is possible to do in D.C. and have had a fabulous trip. I am hoping that when they rest up, one of them will post of their adventures. As I write they are on the train, probably asleep somewhere between here and there. We are all ready for a reunion tomorrow. All week, several times a day, Henry has said something like, "I really miss my Dad, I just don't know when I am ever going to see him again." And, I know they are both ready for Parker to be home.

The little boys and I have played hard this week and had good visits with friends. We've spent a lot of time in the backyard with a constant water activity to go with the heat. Neil as you can see in the above picture made his own personal pool out of Willie's water bucket. Both boys (and Mom) have been covered from head to toe with mud--the result each day of emptying the little plastic baby pool. Poor little white Lucy has been a nice shade of brown most afternoons.

Henry spent his mornings at Calvary Baptist Church VBS where the report was that he had been a "perfect angel." On the way home one morning, from the back seat he says, "Mom!, God walked on water!!!" Neil enjoyed his mornings at Rise where he has worked all week on wonderful Father's Day gifts. I think Dad is going to love the picture of him dressed in a suit, complete with tie. And I have loved having a bit of morning time to myself to run a million errands and have a some really nice swims.

Looking forward to a joyous Father's Day tomorrow. I know I am thinking about my sweet Daddy.

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